Refinance Your House: Study Home Loan Subordination

If you`ve ever thought of refinancing the mortgage on your home, there are several various terminologies you will have to become familiar with. Locking in a lower interest rate or putting in an extra, secondary mortgage to help lower your total monthly house payments is exactly what refinancing generally jnvolves. The term subordination might come up in some cases during the house loan refinancing process.

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In instances where two mortgages already exist on a particular property, this is where subordination comes into play. To be able to subordinate a loan on your home, the primary lien holder, or lender, must inform the junior lien holder that the first loan is being refinanced. The notice is basically an appeal by the primary lien holder, asking the secondary lien holder to accede to continue to be inferior in repayment priority while the refinancing is happening.

In plainer terms, if you`re thinking of refinancing your first mortgage without paying off your already-existing second mortgage or, in the alternate, a line of credit, the secondary lien holder has the right to go into first lien holder position under particular circumstances. The first situation where this would apply is if the secondary lien or line of credit is not paid off by the refinance of your first loan. If this is the situation, it is the privilege of the secondary lien holder to situate them into the primary position as a result.

When the first lien holder never makes an appeal to subordinate, this is another illustration of when the secondary lien can shift into first position. The first lien holder`s request must include a request to the secondary lien holder to stay in an inferior position to the primary lien holder during and following the refinancing process. If the primary lien holder neglects to do any request, the secondary lien holder has the choice to shift into a position better than the original loan lien holder.

Subordination is therefore an essential part of the house refinancing process if you already have two house mortgage loans. When it is subordinated during the refinancing process, your home equity loan is also kept open and accessible. Since the fees are extremely lesser than the cost of having to open a completely new credit line when it has already been closed, subordination can additionally be an advantage.

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