This designer sparked my interest

Another designer I was particularly excited about was a girl named Zannie Jones. She is a sophomore at the University of Florida. I think this designer sparked my interest because I can relate to her the most. Zannie is only one year older than me, and making bathing suits cooler than Victorias Secret. I am so impressed with her designs. She admitted that she can't sell certain bikinis on Etsy because her designs are so complicated that customers cannot figure out how to put them on. Her talent is so specialized and unique that I have no doubt she will be the first successful designer that I know because of how dedicated she is to her art form.

Sometimes we, the designer team, faced grey areas with the producers above us. One example was with Ching Ya, an overhead director of the event, who also showed her line in the show. Despite her leadership position, Yaya by Ching Ya and David Tonnelier was up in the air until the day of the show. Ching Ya did not arrive on sight until an hour before the showthat was fun. We did not have the music for the Yaya show until we heard it playing on the runway. She pulled herself together last minute, and I will admit that I was impressed by her fashion forward, relevant designs.

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Moving on to the general show, if you we're wondering what it's like behind the scenes of a fashion show the perfect word to describe the vibe is madness. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that have to be put together in such limited an amount of time. Every designer has their own agenda on how they want each models hair and make up styled. Some models we're in more than one show, while others we're in the same show twice. Keeping track of who is going where and at what time was a nerve-racking task. However, I was never bored back stage. Whether I was changing a model, or just talking to them, I always had something to do. While this runway show was not as time efficient as runway shows in New York, all of the pieces of this show came together. The models flaunted effortlessly down the runway, bringing the clothes to life.

To my surprise, most of these models had never walked down a runway in their lives before GFW. After weeks of training, you would have never guessed this was the case. I would be just as nervous for the models as they anxiously waited in line for their turn to walk. Every time a model stepped off the stage after a run, their huge smiles and celebratory jigs gave me the chills. I truly believe GFW has given these models a solid foundation to pursue modeling in the future if they wish.

In the end, I am so happy with my decision to work with Gainesville Fashion Week. It was an unforgettable experience to be backstage with all of the action. Because of this backstage exposure, I will forever see fashion shows with a two-sided perspective. I am so proud of what my team accomplished during these past few months. The house was packed despite the final four Gator basketball game. That is proof that Gainesville is a fashionable city, and not just a college town. Despite minor frustrations along the way, I learned many lessons about leadership and persistence that I will take with me into the future. Thank you GFW season seven for these valuable lessons.

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