How to create a Facebook business page in 10 minutes.

To create a Facebook business page you need about 10 minutes.The embarrassing thing is we've been so busy with our new business and helping our customers with their social media marketing, we've put off creating our own Facebook page for a while. In our defense, since we do business-to-business marketing, Facebook was never intended, and probably never will be, our number one way of connecting with potential customers.

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This tutorial will teach you how to create a Facebook business page in about 10 minutes.

Also, keep this in mind when creating your business page:

1. Don't let the design of fortune 500 corporate pages discourage you.

Ignorance really is bliss here. Don't get caught-up trying to make your page look like Procter & Gamble or Apple. They have budgeted millions of dollars for these pages.

2. Let your community drive your page.

INC's list of 20 best Facebook business pages proves that crushing it on Facebook is about interaction and community, not budget. This should be the main reason you create a Facebook business page. You're not doing this to shill- people don't like that. You're doing it to interact with existing and potential customers and let them know about your business. Inform, but don't push. Engagement and relationships build loyalty and lead to sales.

3. Being small is good.

Most big companies outside of official channels suck at customer service. Use this to your advantage. Use your Facebook business page to answer questions and provide outstanding service. If you own a coffee shop and someone complains on your wall, address it publicly. Starbucks probably can't do this as well as you can. Deleting awkward questions can also do more damage than good. People are mostly reasonable. Answer something fairly and honestly and you'll almost always look better.

4. Facebook wants your page to be owned by a real person.

This confuses a lot of people. Facebook wants business pages to be associated with a person- a main account holder.You can add people like employees, super-awesome Crush Four social media managers or admins later. Business page creation with Facebook used to be a really awkward situation. They've made it a lot easier. Sign in as yourself, create page, switch between accounts. Easy.

To create a Facebook business page:

1. Sign in using your personal account. To create a Facebook business page the site wants a real person to own the page.

2. Click on the triangle drop down in the top right corner.

3. Click on account settings.

4.Select "Create Page" to create a Facebook business page. This menu can also be reached from your Facebook homepage. But if you have a really busy timeline, or active page, it can be tricky to ever reach the bottom or footer menu of Facebook.

5. You'll likely want to pick "Local Business or Place". For Crush Four I'm doing a company. Make sure you get the address and contact info correct.

6. There was an in-between step here. I choose my business name and URL. A woman in Texas already had Crush Four. So I ended up having to go with Crush Four Marketing. Not ideal. Could be worse. Choose wisely- you're stuck with it.

7. Here's our new Facebook business page. Kind of plain still. Let's add some content and pictures.

8. Add a picture to your homepage. Facebook has made this way easier than it used to be. For now this is good enough.

9. Add some content. I posted a story from the Crush Four blog. You should add some pictures from you business, a recipe, a menu, press coverage. Having content is what matters at first-especiallywhen it's a brand new page without any users.

10. Add location data to posts on your Facebook business page. This is especially important if you're a small business and people search for your products and service based on geography. These local tags already matter for search (yes, even on google and peoples iPhones), and will get much more important in the future. Start location tagging content now.

11. Add other peoples great content. You don't create a Facebook business page to make a hard-sell (with a few exceptions). Content from other sources makes you page interesting andrelevant. Feature interesting content that users on your page will find interesting. This can be business related or community related. Remember, people like local that meansfriends,neighbors, community, ect.

12. That's how you create a Facebook business page in about 10-minutes. Building the community of course takes much longer.

Tip: You can now switch between your Facebook business page and your own profile really easily. When you use Facebook as your business, your regular Facebook friends will not see what you're doing. This used to be really hard to manage. Facebook responded to feedback and it's now much easier to jump between profiles.

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