A painful surprise!

I immediately knew this wasn't going to be just a bruise. I tried to shake it off but a wave of nausea struck me. And then I got super dizzy and everything seemed a bit hazy. I made it over to the stove so our house wouldn't burn down in the mean time and then collapsed on the couch. Poor Miles knew Mom was hurt and curled up right next to me with a concerned look.

I decided I'd better go get it checked out and so I drove to the closest urgent care place I could find. About an hour later, I walked out with a splint and the x-rays showing very clearly that I had broken the ring finger metacarpal bone. Ahhhhh. It hit me like a brick. How was I going to swim?! How was I going to ride?! The running would probably be okay but maybe not?! How am I going to be ready?! This was certainly not in the plan of getting ready to open the 2013 season.

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After hearing some supportive words from Coach Michelle, Clint, my family, and lots of others, I felt a bit better. No this isn't how I intended to be finishing up the training ramp up but I knew I'd just have to adjust my expectations or continue to wallow in self pity and regret. That same afternoon of the fall, I was on my trainer getting that spin workout in. It felt a little funny since I had to baby that hand but I knew that's what it was going to take.

Friday I got in to see the orthopedic doctor and he confirmed that I could indeed run and ride indoors with no harm so that was a relief. He also put it in a (pretty purple waterproof!) cast so that has helped to protect it more. The x-rays we took after it was put into a cast revealed that it "wasn't as good as he had hoped" and that we might have to do surgery if the bone moves much more. I will find that out tomorrow.

Either way the recovery time should be about the same and I should be good to race IMTX. Sure my swim time won't be as fast but I'll just be glad to be back out there. I never thought I'd actually miss swimming but I definitely do! And all of this indoor trainer riding has me longing to feel the wind in my ponytail. I am thankful though that I can still run normally.

I won't be racing Galveston since there's no way I can handle a bike properly and the swim just couldn't happen. I was so ready to race too! So that's a disappointment but I'm still hoping to get down there to support my teammates and athletes.

On a side note, the very next day after my accident, I got to meet my brand new niece and Goddaughter, Lilah Michelle. That was definitely the highlight of my week! She's so precious and I'm so blessed to now be the aunt of 4.

I know (and truly believe) everything happens for a reason and that this is just part of God's grand plan. These little hiccups we all face can make us stronger if we let them!

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