A writing challenge

I have no idea where this challenge came from, other than being asked by my friend Melanie Robertson-King, if I wanted to play. The challenge is for a writer to search their current work-in-progress for the word look, include enough sentences or paragraphs to provide context and sense (for the reader) and post it to my blog. Not everyones idea of fun maybe, but hey

So my current work in progress is my NaNo novel, an historical fiction tentatively titled Land of Opportunity and currently sitting at 51,100 words or so. .. in other words, not yet done.

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There are lots of looks but this one is fairly early on. Please keep in mind this is first draft.


Someone was riding hard, the drumming of hoof beats coming closer and a thin pall of dust rising in the air. Frank had taken the cart, it isn't he, she thought. Sylvia stepped out into the yard and waited as the figure got closer. A smile spread across her face as she recognized Virgil Merritt, but faded uncertainly as he continued to race toward her. He drew his heaving mount to a stop directly in front of her and threw himself from his horse. Dust embroiled them both as he reached for her. Sylvia shrank back, suddenly scared, but not of Virgil, never of Virgil. It was the utter look of horror on his sweat-streaked face that told her something had gone dreadfully wrong.

Virgil, what is it? Her eyes locked on his and she could read extreme anguish in their depths.

There's been an accident, Sylvia, he reached for her again and grasped her upper arm. The wind came up when the men we're lifting the side wall. They we're bracing from the back and holding with ropes, but the wind caught it and threw it right over. Four men we're caught underneath, Sylvia.

Franks been hurt, Virgil? Her hand clutched at her neck, her heart pounded in her chest. Take me to him!

No, Sylvia, he said as gently as he could, pulling her into his arms. They're bringing him home. Hes been killed.

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