Onlywire Social Bookmarking Review

Only wire is pretty straightforward and it's only purpose is to get out social bookmarks for a new post or any particular URL that you want to get indexed and promote quickly. In my case I always run new posts through Only wire and can find them in Google much quicker then simply adding a new post and waiting for Google to find it.

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The main dashboard of Onlywire will show you any pending bookmarks that still have yet to finish, from here you will also have the options to see your submission history and it will notify you if there are any errors on your social bookmarking account. They will also list your current plan and how many bookmarks you have left since this service is based off a submission plan.

From there if you are new to Onlywire you will first want to setup the services before you do anything. The services are basically the accounts that will be used to bookmark your new content. In order to utilize Onlywire you must first do this there is no way around it, but if you have accounts already on some of these sites you can input the logins.

The best way to go about this is to simply click through to each service and make an account then confirm it. You will then input your login and password which Onlywire will save for later use. You can pick and choose specific services or simply go through all of them and utilize every social bookmarking site. While it is time consuming, this can be a putoff for some people but it is just a one time thing. I think Onlywire intention here was to avoid having something that signed up accounts with the click of a button which i think people may abuse to get tons of accounts so I understand where they went with this feature.

Once your accounts are setup you then can begin to bookmark content, from the post bookmark page everything is straightforward where you simply add the URL, title and description of the bookmark you can also opt to use a url shortener. Also ensure to fill out the tags and relevant category for your bookmark. Lastly you have the option to select which sites you want to bookmark to, only the sites which you have accounts saved will show here. If you want to take it a step further you can utilize the advanced post feature, this can be used for added diversity in your bookmarking. An example would be is if you want to use different titles, url or descriptions for each bookmarking site.

Another good feature I forgot to mention are the browser plugins and wordpress plugins, so if you browse to a site with the click of a button you can open a prompt to start bookmaking that page you are on. With the wordpress plugin any new posts you can post them to the bookmarking sites easier.

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