So, guess what???

So, guess what??? I'm so excited and I just have to celebrate Mabel!!! She dreamed big and she won! And now, because she took a chance at a new career she's coming here! She's moving here in a week! Yahoooooooooooooooo!

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Okay, so we've been really quiet for a while. I'm sorry. We've been doing the hard work, the big transitions, the magnanimous decisions. I've been living at my parents house for over a week, the kids have been frankly little angels (knocking on wood vigorously) and Mabel and I have been adjusting through the stress of the new routines. And quietly, between the cracks, she saw a tweet for an opportunity, then she pursued the opportunity until she got a call, then she shook down the house until she got their attention! Wow, what a force!

So, everything is changing again 'cause why the heck should we stay steady for a moment no, this is the good kind of change. The amazing type of change. The best change I could imagine. And I am so proud of Mabel for handing in her letter of resignation today, letting her roommates know that she's leaving, and admitting to her Mom that she's moving onward and upward. Yeah!!!

So, if you have a drink in hand, say a little cheers for us, 15 months after we started our adventure, Mabel will be starting a new career 111 km closer to me!!!

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