What would you wear to meet God?

What would I wear to go meet God? This made me think of what I would wear to go meet my earthly father. At home, I wear a steady uniform of sweatpants, a tank top and slippers. My family's lucky if I put on jeans to go to Target in. Home is the ultimate comfy place in my mind, and my dad is the last person on this earth I feel the need to dress up for. Why? Not out of any disrespect, but because he's seen it all. He wiped my butt when I was a baby, you guys. The impressing-him ship has sailed. It's in outer space.

God knows me inside and out. The number of hairs on my head! I'm not impressive to God. I can't give Him the ole' razzle dazzle. God knows my worst sins and my worst thoughts. So am I really worried about what God's going to think of my flip-flops? Are my flip-flops really a sign of how much I care about Jesus?

This was my outfit today. Pretty standard Claire-wear. Cardigan, Gap jeans, plain t-shirt. Hair in a ponytail. Fake pearl studs from Target. My pink plaid Sperrys because they make me feel spiffy. Would I meet God in this?

Sure. Because I don't think God's noticing my outfit. I think He's a bit too distracted by my murky, overflowing, sometimes-too-big-sometimes-too-small heart. I've heard a lot that the exterior reflects the interior , and I don't think that could be more off the mark if it tried. Really? Don't we learn it's what's on the inside that counts in like, the first grade? I've also heard that how we dress is a sign of our love for who we're with. As mentioned previously, I love my family more than anyone else in the world, and they get the honor of regularly seeing me in faded Lafollette High t-shirts and soffee shorts.

I dress up for Sunday Mass these days. Why? Partly because my team does and I feel like FOCUS expects me to. I'm swallowing some Humble Pie, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that. Why else? Because if I was going out to dinner to celebrate my Dad, I'd dress up a bit nicer than usual. Mass is a time to meet Jesus, but also to celebrate Him and honor Him. I like looking a little nicer. Plus, I'm a more typical girly-girl in that I actually like to wear dresses a lot, especially on special days like Sundays. But I have never, ever, taken the time out of my Mass to look around and mentally complain about other people in jeans.

Do you think Jesus would criticize someone for not dressing up enough, or for caring too much about what others are wearing?

Note: this post was not meant to discuss the topic of modesty, because that's a whole 'nother can of worms. One which I have many an opinion on and I will blog on in the future, don't you fret.

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