Amalgamation Post for the past few days

We climbed up Wood Hill, because it was there and would be better than a road climb. Though 20% + grade on a mile long + climb gets awfully hard near the end of the ride. Somehow or another the legs finally came together on this climb and was able to push out some good power.

After Wood Hill, we hit some more of Hi-Tor heading over to the final DEC descent. My derailleur started acting up in Hi-Tor and before long she just plain ripped herself right off the bike. In doing that it took a big chunk of hanger. I'd forgotten to pack my hanger and we we're left with a few miles of descending and 30 minutes before Chad had to be back to make it home in time. We couldn't single speed it cause the wheel sat cocked with the hanger missing so much. Decided to just send him to the car, and call the wifey and I'd do what I could do.

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I took my trusty 00 and rocked it down the ski trail till I ran out of momentum, then ran the blue trail for about a mile to where it connects with the DEC. From the top of the DEC, I got to play probably the funnest game I've played in a bit. Could I make it to the bottom without pedaling? Mind you, this is a super tech trail, and I didn't even have a chain to help supply pressure for lifting over logs, rocks, and no ability to gain any momentum into or out of corners or tech. I decided I'd just let the bike do what it needed to do. Just held on tight rode the lines clean and smart and was able to roll all the way to the bottom with no problems! Once at the bottom, I scootered my way the last half mile of flat trail along the creek on my way out. Chad had just gotten back to the car about 5 minutes earlier, was on the phone to tell the wife he was gonna be late, and had to re-tract. I didn't really do anything special to go faster, just plain ol rolled it down the trail.

It was a good weekend though. Combined with the Ithaca Ride, I managed a solid 10+ hours on the bike!

Mid-Week Road Riding

Not much to write-up about here. Did some fun but short lunch time rides. Tuesday, the legs we're still sore and tight from the weekend, but I gave er' for about 5 minutes up a slight climb and even with sore and hurting legs somehow managed to put out my best 1 and 5 minute power numbers of the season, so I'll take that as making some progression! Wednesday rolled some Sweet Spot 30 minute intervals, legs we're still wicked from the weekend, but managed to stay where I needed to be.

Home Court Basketball

I visited my mother Tuesday night, and my brother was over there. A basketball game broke out. A lil one on one action. There was loads of airballs, bricked shots, tripping over each other and a few argumentative calls. But that's what playground ball is all about right? I managed to win 11-9, though only cause my brother missed a 2 that would have won him the game. I also managed to make my ankle quite sore in the process and still hurts like he'll at this point. I'm now retiring from basketball at this point, going out with a win!

Farmall Spring Series kicks up this next week!! Looking forward to that. This weekend, I'll put on some good road miles on Saturday and a fun chill ride on the dirt on Sunday possibly as I just got word the XO showed up today.

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