The dangers of e-prescription

It is a known fact that the Internet has changed most aspects of our lives from education and research to shopping and advertising. Recent news shows that the Web is about to change the face of yet another transaction soon, controlled drugs or substances may be prescribed online. This act was proposed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Controlled drugs make up about 13% of all prescriptions in the US. The rule of E-prescription is expected to make the practice as widespread as possible. Today, less then ten percent of all the physicians in the country are doing electronic prescribing of controlled medications.

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What are controlled drugs?

Controlled substances are these medications are monitored by the state and are categorized into schedules.

Schedule I substances are drugs that have great potential of causing an addiction. These drugs are also not widely used in medical practice in the US. Examples of Schedule I substances are cannabis, heroin and LSD.

Schedule II contains drugs that are restricted in medical use and can also cause dependency. Examples are cocaine and oxycodone.

Schedule III drugs contain less possibility of causing and addiction. Anabolic steroids and hydrocodone are under this category.

Schedules IV through VI cover drugs that are less likely to cause addiction in patients.

A devastating study showed that since 1992, the abuse of prescribed or controlled drugs has increased. Many drug possession cases we're shown to involve the controlled substances such as heroin, methamphetamine, hydrocodone and oxycontin. Many drug rehabilitation centers accept patients who are suffering addiction to these drugs. One such rehab center is Sunray Recovery. Oxycodin and Vicodin are showed to be two of the most common drugs that are being abused, with a recent study showing that more than seven percent of all college students we're using these substances.

A question of security

The new e-prescription act will apply to controlled drugs from schedules II, IV and V. These categories will include insomnia treatment drugs such as Ambien and Lunesta. Xanax, which is used to treat anxiety, will also be covered. Some of the other drugs are the pain killer OxyContin and the ADHD medications Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall.

With the fulfillment of this act, it is imperative that certain security measures be carried out, especially when such highly addictive drugs are involved.

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