Home Based Business: eight things to consider

I heard this so many times, and the same number of times, I didn't listen... Until I did.

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There many ways of marketing online, and many different marketing styles as well. This short post is to remind you of a few things that will help you get going online:

1. Pick the marketing strategy or platform you identify with the most, being it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Adsense, whatever... make sure that you learn how it works, test it for a reasonable amount of time (the period of time varies depending on how fast you want results to show and how optimized your CTR (click through rate); there's no recipe for this, or for anything else. When you're ready, you may move on to another one. Trying them all at once will just leave you overwhelmed, confused and frustrated.

2. Define the persona you want people to see. I'm not saying that you should create some fake personality with the only purpose of dragging people toward you. What I mean is that it is important that you know who you really are, what you like, what you can share with others, and show that to people because it's the only way in which you'll be able to remain true to yourself and to them.

3. Define WHAT you want... exactly, a goal, and write it down. This can be having some extra money for vacation or buying a new car. It can be opening a college fund for your kids or being able to pay your monthly bills without so much struggle. It can be purchasing a beautiful house near the beach, or whatever it is that you wish for. It can also be quitting your job and having the freedom to work from any place in the world. It's your dream. Just make sure you know ehat it is. Dreams and goals may vary as you make them real. But for now, need something to get started with.

4. Define your WHY, and write it down. This is really important. The why is basically what you want those things for or how you believe having what you want will make a difference in your life. Let's say you want to open a college fund for your kids; that's the what. The why would be something like having a college fund for your kids will make them the first members of your family to go to college, or it will guarantee that your kids can have a better chance of getting a good job. The why will be what you'll be focusing on. It's the why (the reason we do things) which will move you toward your goal, not the what itself).

5. Define WHEN you want to see these results, and... you're right, write it down. Make sure that you set a realistic date. Guys, "tomorrow" is not realistic. A reasonable time for seeing results online is 90 days. It could happen earlier, though.

6. Define the HOW. Jot down a pathway, a route that you'll take in order to accomplish your goal.

7. In order to make money online, you need a system; something that works and that pays well for your time and effort. And this is directly related to your HOW. This system should be something that gives you the most for the price paid. This means the system must make your business as easy as possible; as automated as possible. It must include features and tools that are up-to-date, and that have something different, innovative, so it is not just a copy of what thousands even millions of people are already promoting. It needs to help you stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you'll most likely be invisible to the eyes of your potential buyers.

a. This system must be something that, you know, looks and feels right from the moment you come across with it. One way to figure this out fast is by asking yourself: does this system look serious enough to me? Is it really telling me what I'm getting for my money, or is it just trying to make me pull out my credit card and then leave me hanging? Does it seem high-tech to me, or does it look like something I'd be able to create myself? Is it taking in just anyones, or does it seem to be looking for the right people? Remember, right doesn't mean they need to have any expertise. What it basically means is that it's a system that's trying to build a team of serious people; people who really want to succeed, at the same time that they are honest in the process of getting there.

b. Another thing you must think about is whether or not you have the way to pay the monthly fee they charge without going broke, while you start making some money with it. Remember your first sale will pay the monthly fee. So the question now would be: how fast do you think you can make that first sale, right?

8. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT purchase programs or systems that promise you free websites. As far as my experience goes -and I've been sold into this many times, believe me-, they say they will give you Free Cash Making Websites... Well, guess what: they'll design a poor website for you but never before they'll ask you to pay for the hosting service they tell you (because their website only works with that one). This is how they're making money, guys. They're affiliates just like you and me. Then, you have to pay for a domain... with the company they tell you to (many don't even let you choose for how long you want to pay for this domain. They'll give you a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year option, no more).

In most cases, if you don't purchase a domain from the company their promoting, your website won't work. See what I mean? I take this back, I'm sorry. You can do this, if this is what you want. Just make sure you know what's coming after they promise you the world: one upsell after another. What I find the most annoying if it all is that, somewhere in the middle of one of their selling videos, and after you've already purchased the basic package, they tell you that their system will work to it's full extent, only of you buy all the other stuff. It's great marketing, I'll give them that. But... doesn't this feel wrong? It certainly did to me.

Guys, today there are many systems where you don't need to build your own website or capture pages or purchase domains and pay for hosting services because they give you all this. You might want to have all those things afterward, if that's what you decide to do. When you're already making enough money with the system to move on to the next step, go ahead and do it. But not when you're just getting started. It doesn't sound fair, does it? That you're having to pay a lot of money for a lot of different things when, what you're looking for is to actually make some money?

I know some marketers will hate me for what I'm saying here. They will even think I'm being naive enough to push you away and that I have no idea how to do business. And they might be right. The truth is I'm doing exactly what I'd like people to do more often: to give me the choice to decide by being honest with me. It should be my choice, not theirs. Guys, I know most people getting online are doing it because they're desperately trying to find a way which will help them turn their lives around and get a break. Most of us don't do it because we're already rich and want to see how much more work load we can carry, do we?

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