5 Things: Banana Split, Soccer Ball, $100 bill, Empty Gas Can, Trampoline

"Johnny, I'll give you a crisp, new $100 bill if you can score 3 goals in your game today. Sound like a deal?"

"Awesome!" Johnny exclaimed as he sprinted off towards the rest of the team, soccer ball at his feet. Uncle Drew was the awesomest! He couldn't wait to show off for him.

As warm ups began, Johnny practiced shooting on the goalie. He knew he could do it, score three goals in one game, but he'd never done it before. He was so focused on practicing that he didn't notice the thunder clouds rolling in.

Whhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, the coach blew his whistle, signalling his team to form a circle around him. All of the boys sprinted to coach Tom, who then began his pep talk.

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"Alright, boys. As you know, the Tigers are undefeated this year. But so are we! I know you can beat them. Do you?"

All of the boys screamed in agreement.

"Alright then, let's get out there and kick some Tiger Toushie!"

"yeahhhh!" the boys screamed , sprinting to their positions on the field.

The assistant coach leaned in to Coach Tom. "Undefeated , eh? It's the first game of the season and you're already pulling out the 'undefeated card'?"

"Well, yeah. It may be the only chance I get."

Both coaches chuckled.

"Nah," said the assistant coach. "We've got little Johnny. He's a rockstar."

The game began and the crowd cheered as the ball was exchanged from foot to foot. It was rather comical, watching all of the kids race towards the ball, not really understanding the idea of 'playing your position'. But little Johnny knew what to do. He waited patiently just outside of the moving blob of boys. All he needed was for the ball to pop out of that blob and then he's be off.

And that's exactly what happened. The ball shot out of the blob on the mis-kick on one of his teammates and Johnny was off to the races, ball at his feet. He could hear Uncle Drew cheering him on as he planted his left foot and swung his right as hard as he could, connecting with the underside of the ball. He stood back and watched it zoom by the hands of the unprepared goalie. The crowd erupted.

Johnny ran away from the goal, hands raised in victory. He loved the thrill he got from scoring a goal. He felt proud and accomplished. But he knew he had to score two more to win Uncle Drew's $100 bucks.

He took his place back at the midline, waiting for the Tigers to kick off. But before they got a chance, the sky flashed in a bolt of lightning and the ref blew the whistle, ending the game.

The rain came pouring down, drenching everyone in seconds, as if someone had just flipped a switch. Johnny felt his heart drop as he realized he'd lost his chance for the hat trick. He saw his family sprinting to the car for cover, so he raced after them.

When they finally got everyone and everything loaded into the car, everything was soaked. His family was gushing with excitement and adrenaline, but Johnny was sad.

"What's the matter , buddy?" Uncle Drew asked, noticing Johnny's solemn look.

"Now I can't win your $100 bill or get my banana split ." Johnny knew from seasons past that after every game, win or lose, his parents would take him for ice cream. And he always got a banana split; those we're his favorite. But he wouldn't get ice cream today, not in the pouring rain.

"It's ok, bud. You guys can get ice cream next time. And I'll try to make it out to a game next season and I'll offer you the same deal. Ok?"

"Ok," Johnny accepted, but a year seemed like so far away. He knew Uncle Drew had to go back to Europe in a couple of days and he wouldn't get to see him until next year. This day sucked!

Johnny moped, staring at the raindrops sliding down the van window as the family made their way home. His family had begun conversing with Uncle Drew about Europe and Johnny was left to his lonely thoughts.

Suddenly the car began to shake a little as it slowed to a stop. Johnny looked to his dad in the driver's seat who was using some choice words to explain that the car had run out of gas.

"I even brought the empty gas can in the trunk to get gas for the lawn mower, but I didn't get a chance to fill it up yet. I totally forgot."

"This is just great!" Johnny thought to himself. "This day just couldn't get any worse!"

The family piled out of the van and started walking, rain saturating every inch of their bodies. Johnny just wanted t ogo home and go to sleep, even though it was only 11:15 am; he just wanted this day to be over already.

They'd been walking for about 5 minutes when a car pulled up next to them as they walked along the shoulder. The passenger window rolled down and to Johnny's delight, it was Jenny, the most beautiful girl in school. She just so happened to be the richest girl in school as well.

"Well, I thought I recognized you guys," Jenny's mom said from her Range Rover. "You look like you could use a ride."

"Oh, that would be wonderful!" Johnny's mom accepted.

The whole family clambered into the car, and now, in the warmth of the Range Rover and in the presence of The Jenny Applebaum, Johnny was starting to think that maybe this day wasn't so bad after all.

"So Johnny, maybe you could come over to my house this afternoon and we could jump on the trampoline together?" Jenny asked shyly.

Johnny's face lit up. "Yeah! That sounds fun but it's raining outside." He suddenly realized how stupid he was for saying that. You idiot. Now she might not have an idea of something else to do. You should've just said yes, you dummy!

"Oh, that's ok, Johnny. We have an indoor one too."

Johnny smiled and realized that this was about as perfect a day as he could have asked for.

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