Not a lot happens in The Breakfast Club.

Over the weekend John Hughes teen film masterpiece (I may be using that term somewhat subjectively) celebrated it's 30th birthday. It is now almost twice as old as the characters in the film are meant to be, but still has an impact on popular culture and teen films.

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Not a lot happens in The Breakfast Club. There are no football games, or cheerleaders or proms or any of the other things you might associate with an American High School film. The actors actually look like teenagers. The majority of the film takes place in the school library, as the five main characters try to make it through a day of Saturday detention. It doesn't sound like a recipe for success, but some how it worked.

The archetypes set up in The Breakfast Club have been copied in almost every teen film since. However, they have rarely been dissected and torn apart the way they are in The Breakfast Club. The film features an honesty, which a lot of modern teen films don't because, in place of the school dances or football games, it allows the characters space to talk openly.

There are parts of the film that have dated badly, the dancing montages in particular, but The Breakfast Club is still a must see for every teenager.

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