Long Distance Moving

Are you heading to a new country? Let Movers Ontario help make the process run smoothly. Whether you are moving from Canada to the U.S. or vice versa, we’ve got you covered. Looking at an international move? We can do that too!
Canada to U.S.

Movers Ontario arranges weekly services from Toronto into the Eastern United States. This includes shipments from Western Canada. We offer next day service to locations within 12-hours drive of Toronto. For mid-central or Western U.S. destinations, we offer a 2-4 week service. These areas are served by select, reliable companies that we have partnered with to serve mid-central and Western destinations.

Moving into the U.S. with Movers Ontario is similar to our local move services with the exception of USA Customs requirements. In order to move your effects to the U.S. you will need a visitor permit, work permit or proof you are a returning U.S. resident. We strongly advise you to ensure you have your documents together before packing up your possessions. In the case that we are not able to get your belongings over the border due to incorrect documentation we will store them in a warehouse and you will be responsible for the extra costs of storage fees and redelivery as well as any moving fees previously agreed upon. For U.S. moves, we need to have a 3299 customs form in order to transport your valuables into that country.

U.S. to Canada

We offer a similar moving service schedule as moves from Canada to the U.S. Shipments will go through Toronto, including those destined for Western Canada.

Customs will need to clear your belongings and any shipments heading into Toronto are handled at the Mississauga 401/Dixie area. If you want to save time and money, you can arrange for express shipments and travel behind the movers. This allows you to clear the shipment as you cross the border into Canada.

International Moves

With 30 years of moving industry experience, you can trust us to securing wrap and ship your possessions for overseas destinations via our shipping line.

If you are in need of a company to pack and load your valuables, we can do that too. Our skilled staff are also capable to arranging any shipping and destination services you want. Please note that we are only set up to handle container overseas shipping and cannot assist with smaller shipments like a single trunk or small crate.

Office Moving Services

With over 30 years of experience we have the expertise needed to move your office. Whether you have a single room or an office of 100 employees, we have the skills to coordinate big and small moves. Moving an office is similar to local moves, but there are some special considerations. For office moves, you should choose a professional movers particularly if you have more than one truck load.

Movers Ontario Offers:
  • Certified office moving consultants
  • Variety of trucks for offices of any size
  • Skilled staff that have ample experience disassembling and reassembling
  • Plastic bins for packing
  • Multiple moving equipment, including dollies, library carts, panel carts, computer carts, etc.
  • Knowledge and expertise in planning and organizing office moves
Preparing for the office move

In some ways moving your business from one location to another can be more stress than moving houses. One of the keys to a successful move is to know that the less time you spend moving the better it is cost-wise for your company. As you prepare for the move, get to know the new space as well as you can. Measure the rooms so that you know the size of each. Also, take note of the shapes of each room that may present a problem with furniture like desks, chairs or filing cabinets.

It is also important that each employee becomes familiar with their new space. As a team, create a floorplan before you move. This should include the location of each employee and any furniture, plants, etc that will be moved into the new office. Each employee should be given a copy of the plan with a master copy posted on moving day. Planning the move in detail will help ease the tension for your employees and the movers.

Keep communication open

When it comes to a smooth transition, communication is key. Share your moving plan with everyone that will be impacted including employees, landlords, movers, etc. Let them know what to expect before the moving day arrives.

For our skilled movers, it is important that you give direction about where you want the furniture to be placed. This becomes particularly important if you have items, like desks, that look the same. You may want to use a coloured label for each employee or room to reduce confusion. Using labels is an important tool when it comes to office moves. Each piece of equipment and furniture that is being moved should have its own label, which identifies the room it will be placed in at the new location.

The more preparation you do before the move the more time and money you will be able to save.

Tips for a smooth office move

6 weeks before moving day

Movers Ontario is dedicated to helping you transition to your new office space easily and efficiently. Here is what you can expect several weeks in advance of your move:

An estimator will come to your location to examine the work involved in the move. They will be responsible for deciding on the number of movers needed, the equipment and other tools required as well as the general logistics, such as elevators or street access, to make the move go smoothly.

It is important that clients check with the building management regarding any deliveries that may be expected the day of the move.

As well, because of the complexities of moving an office we ask that you call us well in advance of the moving day. However, we have been able to pull together successful transitions at short notice to help our customers. Yet, it is still better for everyone involved if there is ample preparation time.

2 weeks before moving day

To help us with the move we ask that two sets of your floor plans be provided a couple weeks before the day of the move. Our skilled staff will devise a colouring or numbering system to streamline the transition. We will assign you an office consultant who can provide you on colour-coding your plans, furniture and equipment. Using this system during your office move will simplify the move allowing for easy transition of your belongings at the new location

1 week before moving day

Our expert office movers will supply pressure sensitive tags that can be used to label and tag all the furniture. These labels will contain details about the piece and where it is to go in the new office. In an effort to make the moving day run smoothly, it is important that every piece of furniture or equipment be tagged. Anything that is being left behind should receive a Do Not Move tag so we can reduce confusion. We advise our customers have a cleaning up policy prior to the move. This cuts down the amount of useless paper or material that can add to the number of loads and amount of time the move takes. By disposing of unwanted items before our movers arrive, you will be able to save valuable money and time. If needed, we can supply trash containers to help you with this process

A few days before the move

To help our movers properly place items in the new location, customers should set up signs and cards in the new space identifying what colour or numbered items need to be place in each specific room and space.

Moving day

Movers Ontario expert staff will set up methods to safeguard entrances, exits and any corridors at each location. This helps keep employees and others safe and ensures a successful move.

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